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This page last updated 8 June, 2011

OK, so on the top right is the GPS trip log of where we’ve travelled so far, and on the left is an image showing how much more of Morocco we still have left to play with!  From a curiosity perspective, the left hand image should be enough to be able to see roughly where we’ve been.  There’re both hyperlinked to bigger images, so just click on them to be able to see a bit more detail.


If however you’re more interested in the nitty gritty of the routes and want to break down each section of the route, see waypoints and co-ordinates etc, you’ll need MapSource loaded onto your PC.  Click here for details on how to download it for free...


Once you’ve got that, click on the Trip Log GPS File link above and depending on which browser you’re using, MapSource should either pop up all by itself, of you’ll be prompted to tell your machine what program you want to use to open the file.


If you’re still not having any luck, you should be able to save the GPS File onto your desktop or into your Downloads folder, open up MapSource and then go for the old standby of File/Open from within MapSource itself.


Hopefully that covers all the angles but please shout if not.  I know we’ve found other peoples Trip Logs to be massively useful so I’d like to think someone, somewhere is being given a bit of a hand with our data :-)


I’ll replace the images from time to time with updated logs, as well as add more Trip Log GPS Files, so essentially the pink line will get longer as we travel more and more of Morocco.  


And for those of you who’re familiar with Chris Scott and his various overland travelling books, any pistes of his that we do are marked in red rather than pink.