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This page last updated 25 February, 2011
Moglet is probably the most popular topic of discussion whenever anyone spends any time asking about our trip.  The vehicle to take and how to fit it out was the biggest area of research when we first started thinking about this trip, and even now we’re always really keen to see the inside of other peoples campers and see what good ideas they’ve had that we can pinch!

One of the biggest niggles for me on the old website was how little information where was about Moglet, so that’s something I’m going to try and rectify with this site.  The information will be broken down into Inside, Outside and Chassis, with lots of photos and information on everything.

INSIDE will take care of the fixtures and fittings in the camper body, the cupboards and suchlike, as well as all the internal utilities for things like electrics, water and heating.

OUTSIDE will show what the various doors on the camper body are there for, as well as detail all the other things you can see from the outside that aren’t chassis related, like the storage box on the front.

CHASSIS is there for anything that’s more truck related, so springs and shocks, tyres and wheels, all the mucky underneath stuff really.

As ever, if there’s anything anyone wants a specific look at, let me know and I can post up photos.

And if you’re interested in the history of Unimogs in general, have a look at this link for a load of background info from Mercedes.