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This page last updated 16 March, 2011

Massive Change of Plans!!


I’m not sure I know exactly where to start really.  Perhaps with an apology to those of you who faithfully check the site on a regular basis, only to find naff all has changed since the last time you looked, and nothing has changed since the end of last year.  So to you all, I’m very sorry :-(


If it’s any consolation, I’m pleased to be able to tell you there's been a hell of a change to the plans since the last update!  In a burst of reality checking and a serious look at the pennies left in the bank account, we’ve had to face the facts and concede the point that we just don’t have enough money left to be sure of making it to South Africa and back again.  We could probably do it in a pinch but if anything serious went wrong we could end up in deep do-doos, as well as leaving us absolutely skint by the time we made it back to the UK - not too sensible an option when there’s a mortgage to pay, neither one of us has jobs to go back to, we both need a car to be able to get to work etc etc.  We reckon we have enough cash to just about scrape to the end of the year, more likely to run out in October or November depending on how things go through the year.


So, what to do then?  Well we’re still hell-bent on getting to Africa and we hope to get as far down the west coast as Benin and Togo, maybe even have a little look into Niger if we can, so that’s still 9 or 10 countries to explore.  But the real curve ball is what we do after that - we’re driving up through Europe then spending 6 weeks in Iceland!!!


It still seems like a really bonkers shift away from what we’ve been planning all this time, but somehow it sits really comfortably with us both.  I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights and Moglet is a perfect vehicle for exploring the Iceland interior.  We get a ferry from Denmark on the 20th August (you know what we’re like, if the ferry wasn’t booked, it’d never happen!), stop off for 3 days on the Faroe Islands and then spend 6 weeks on Iceland itself, getting back to Denmark on the 8th October.


We’re a day or two away from leaving my parents house in France so should be in Morocco well before the end of the month.  Once we get there we’ll head south pretty quickly rather than stay and explore, because things will start to get pretty damn hot as the year wears on and we head south.  We’ll be turning north again to make sure we’re out of Morocco by the end of July so we can make sure we get up to Denmark by the 20th August.  We haven’t fixed a route yet but Jasons keen on having a look into Portugal so I think it’ll be the short ferry hop and then a drive through Spain and up.  Luxembourg looks like a potential stop-off, as does the Unimog museum in Germany and a place called Colmar on the Germany border which was recommended to us by friends as a gorgeous location as well as being home to a uniquely special motoring museum - so that gets Jasons vote!  


In the meantime, although we’ve been parked up here for longer than expected (as usual!), there’s been a combination of very good reasons as well as useful jobs done while we’ve been here, so its not as if we sit around reading books and watching telly all the time!


Use the Diary link at the top of the page to have a gander through some of the things we’ve been up to since we decided to sit tight in France for Christmas, and find out why we didn’t leave in early January...