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This page last updated 16 May, 2011

In the meantime, I thought it might be useful to add a few links to some of the sites/people we’ve had contact with since we started all these shenanigans!  The list is a long way from exhaustive, in no particular order, and I’ll add to it as I remember things.  If there’s anything specific you think we might have looked into/dealt with etc and would like a pointer, please give us a shout.


Africa Overland Network - The main pinboard for finding other sites by equally mad people heading off on adventures

HUBB - Horizons Unlimited, a massive site originally for motorcycle travellers but expanded so much its good for everyone

Motorhome Facts - Forum for anything related to motorhomes (and often things totally unrelated too!)

Benzworld - Forum for anything related to Mercedes vehicles

Atkinson Vos - Unimog specialist, for sales, spares and repairs.  And they do love a bit of cake!

Pennine Outdoors - Yorkshire based company that made us some fantastic spare wheel covers

Thorn Tree forum - Lonely Planets chat room for all things travelly

DrFox - approved online pharmacy for anti malarial drugs, often cheaper than private prescription from GP

Chris Scott - Saharan travel guru, excellent website and books, masses of info for digestion!

Royal Geographical Society - Excellent Far from Help medical courses a couple of times a year

Stanfords - huge map shop in London, also have an online shop

Desert Winds - Tom Sheppards publishing company website for his own excellent books, including the inimitable Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide - a virtual Bible for anyone contemplating these kinds of trips!

Adrian Flux - Vehicle Insurance providers.  There’s not a huge amount of choice for trucks like Moglet so we pretty much have AF or nothing.  Not that that’s a bad thing, I’d just prefer to have options!  We’ve never had to make a claim, but when we have had to speak to them they’ve been ok.

MaxAdventure - These guys are experts at long distance expeditions, and whilst we’ve not had any involvement with them with regards this trip, they’re about to embark on a record breaking attempt travelling from the UK to Cape Town via Europe and the east coast of Africa in a Discovery, in less that 14 days!  It’s a charity run raising money for Help for Heroes, so if you haven’t come across the site before, pop along and maybe donate a bob or two...

Ribblesdale Auto Electrics - Star players in the Eberspacher installation and service world - well, we think so anyway!

Olaf - Free to download vector map of Morocco and Western Sahara for your GPS

If you feel like dropping us a line, that’d be lovely :-)  You can use the form below, or send an old fashioned email to if you prefer.  It’s always good to hear from people, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.