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This page last updated 25 February, 2011

24th February 2011


As always seems to be the case with us, things take longer than we expect and nothing ever goes to plan.  We intended to be at mum and dads for days rather than weeks, but in the end its been almost a month.  Still, we’ve got lots done (not all of it planned!), and some of it may seem like time-wasting aesthetics but we’re hoping will make things much more pleasant once we get to hotter places.  For example, I spent several days convincing many charmingly elegant and sophisticated polystyrene ceiling tiles that they really did want to be stuck up inside Moglet, to try and reduce the condensation issues we have, as well as hopefully help to keep some heat out.  Not the easiest job in the world when there’s no such thing as a straight line or a right angle to be found, the ceiling bows down, is made up of four separate sheets of hardboard and there’s at least six different ‘things’ mounted into the ceiling (rooflights, fans etc).  But I got there in the end, and it doesn’t look anywhere near as awful and tacky as I was worried it would.  Time will tell whether it helps with the condensation, but its stayed put for a couple of weeks now despite going for drives and having lots of showers, so fingers crossed it’ll survive the trip.  You can see on the before and after pictures below...




Jasons been very busy too, mostly with air...  The water system in Moglet, both for the engine and the Eberspacher, needed to be flushed out and then have antifreeze added.  We knew this was likely to introduce air into the system but there wasn’t much that could be done about it, so having added the gloopy stuff its then taken literally days of effort to get the heater working again.  In the meantime Jason has amassed an impressive collection of plumbing bits and pieces, ready to ‘upgrade’ the system we have and hopefully allow it to better bleed air out on a more constant and automatic basis. Watch this space.


We’ve also removed the carpet inside Moglet and replaced it with lino.  As much as the carpet felt better underfoot, I have visions of border guards with filthy boots stomping around in the back, and the cleanup afterwards will be much easier with the lino.  Jason also put down an underlay of a foam material designed for cushioning in a garage, so it feels pretty spongy, its just a bit chilly underfoot at 3am when you get up for a wee!


Having decided on the Iceland course of action, we’ve also spent many, many hours going all through Moglet and seeing what we can take out that we no longer need.  It still amazes me (and my mum!) just how much stuff we have stashed away.  There’s an easy two boot loads of gear that’s not made the cut, but somehow there doesn’t seem to be any extra space in Moglet!


But the real reason for this update is to post the fact that we’ve finally booked a ferry to Morocco!  Again!!  Or is that Again, again?  I lose count...  Anyway, we’re all booked up and we leave the folks house tomorrow morning, via the bank to pick up a wad of small denomination notes.  Jason is packing away the last few bits into the gas bottle cupboard as we speak, then all that’s left to do is pack up the laptop (which I cant do right now, for obvious reasons!), eat some tasty leftover curry from yesterday and have an early night.  And then finally, finally finally finally, we’re off! :-)